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KEY: ES=Early Stages; JSB=Just Starting to Bloom; Budded; APB=Approaching Peak Bloom; *=At Peak Bloom; BP=Beyond Peak; AG=Almost Gone; VS=Various Stages

LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Halberd Leaf Violet*, Large Flowered Trillium (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Sweet White Trillium (APB), Trillium Erect*. SOME BLOOMS—Bishop Caps (various stages), Calendine Poppy*, Common Blue Violet*, Frazer Sedge (BP), Hepatica*, Spring Beauty (JSB), Sweet White Violet*, Trout Lily (various stages), Yellow Trillium (various stages), Yellow Woodland Violet*.  FEW BLOOMS—Brook Lettuce (JSB), Dutchmen’s Breeches, Large Flowered Bellwort (JSB), Squaw Root (JSB), Squirrel Corn, Star Chickweed (APB), Toothwort (BP), White Fringed Phacelia*, Wild Geranium (JSB), Wild Ginger (JSB), Wood Anemone*.

NORRIS RIVER BLUFF TRAIL: MANY BLOOMS—Bishop Caps (various stages), Purple Wake Robin (various stages), Toothwort (various stages), Trout Lily (various stages), Yellow Trillium (various stages). SOME BLOOMS—Calendine Poppy*, Common Blue Violet (APB), Hepatica (APB), Spring Beauty (various stages), Squaw Root (JSB), Wild Phlox (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Golden Ragwort*, Little Brown Jugs, Purple Phacelia (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Star Chickweed*.  NOTES—It was a cool morning, so many of the Trout Lilies, Spring Beauties and Toothwort blooms were closed.


PORTER CREEK TRAIL (B TO FERN FALLS): MANY BLOOMS—Halberd Leaf Violet*, Large Flowered Trillium, Long Spurred Violet*, Star Chickweed*, Sweet White Violet*, White Fringed Phacelia*.  SOME BLOOMS—Bent Trillium (various stages), Bishop Caps (APB), Common Blue Violet (APB), Dutchmen’s Breeches*, Robins Plantain (APB), Round Leaf Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Trout Lily*, Wild Phlox*, Wood Anemone*, Yellow Trillium (JSB), Yellow Woodland Violet*.  FEW BLOOMS—Bird Foot Violet*, Blood Root (various stages), Brook Lettuce (JSB), Foam Flower (JSB), Golden Ragwort (JSB), Hooked Buttercup*(AG), Trillium Erect*, Wild Geranium (JSB).  NOTES—There is an outstanding display of Wild phlox along Greenbrier Road. A few of the Stone Crop are budded the last quarter of mile before the falls on the left.


March 18
WEST PRONG TRAIL (B TO CAMPSITE #18): MANY BLOOMS—Blood Root (budded), Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Hepatica*, Long Spurred Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Spring Beauty (budded), Yellow Trillium (budded).  SOME BLOOMS—Dutchmen’s Breeches*, Seersucker Sedge (various stages), Star Chickweed*, Sweet White Violets*, Toothwort (APB).  FEW BLOOMS—Blue Cohosh (budded), Frazer Sedge*, Solitary Pussytoe*, Stone (JSB), Trailing Arbutus*. NOTES—Evidence of recent activity of wild boars on the first three-fourths of the trail. The trail crew has done an amazing job removing debris on this trail (appears to have been done in the last couple of weeks).

METCALF BOTTOMS TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Solitary Pussytoes (JSB) on the left a short distance up the trail.

WALKER SISTERS CABIN (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Halberd Leaf Violet about 2/10 of a mile up the trail on the left; Solitary Pussytoes (JSB) left at different locations on the trail.

LITTLE BRIER GAP TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Trailing Arbutus (ES) on the left, last tenth of mile coming from Walker Sisters Cabin trail.

LITTLE GREENBRIER TRAIL (B TO LITTLE BRIER TAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Trailing Arbutus* on the left coming from Wear Gap at different locations on the trail.

WEAR GAP ROAD (PARK BOUNDARY TO METCALF BOTTOMS): SOME BLOOMS—Hepatica on embankment on the right coming from the park boundary first tenth of a mile; Rue Anemone (budded) should be blooming right away with warm days coming mid-week, on right first tenth of mile coming from the gap.

CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL (B TO APPROXIMATELY 2.5 TO 3 MILES UP THE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Hepatica, Seersucker Sedge*, Spring Beauty*.  SOME BLOOMS—Long Spurred Violet*, Solitary Pussytoes (JSB), Star Chickweed, Sweet Pinesap (JSB), Trailing Arbutus.

ANTHONY CREEK TRAIL (B TO CAMPSITE #9): Approximately two miles up the trail there are around 20 Hepatica blooming and there are several flowers with buds on them. With the temps coming mid-week there should be more blooms soon.

CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL (1ST 3/10 MILE): Hepatica (3 blooms, 10 buds), Long Spurred Violet (2 blooming), Seersucker Sedge (2 blooming), Spring Beauty (2 budded), Star Chickweed (3 blooming).

Lower Mount Cammerer Trail (B to campsite #35): Three Hepatica were found in bloom about .03 of a mile out the Lower Mount Cammerer Trail on the left. There were several of the flowers budded nearby. About two and a half miles out the trail, two Spring Beauties were budded on the right.

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